What California Residents Should Know about the Mechanic’s Lien


Property owners who use contractors or material suppliers for work on a specific property and then fail to pay for those services or materials can be slapped with a mechanic’s lien. Here’s what California residents should know about this type of legal claim. The mechanic’s lien A lien is a notice that has been filed against a property, usually through the county...

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What Condo Owners Need to Know about EV Charging Station Installations


As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow, charging stations are likewise becoming a bigger topic of conversation. Installing a charger in your personal garage is one thing, but what happens in a condo scenario with an HOA? Specifically, if an HOA complex doesn’t have the necessary power to supply a charging station, who’s footing the bill? Let’s discuss. Let’s Call...

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A Local’s Guide to the Great Reno Balloon Race


Northern Nevada is no slouch in the special events department. And as summer starts winding down, we jump from events like Hot August Nights to the one and only Great Reno Balloon Race. For 40 years, this family-oriented event has been a visual spectacle and for many locals, a beloved tradition. Oh, and one other thing – the whole thing is entirely...

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Real Estate Headlines vs Reality


We’ve addressed this topic before but since we’re in a shifting market and the 24-hour news cycle needs clicks-per-view, it’s worth repeating (especially as some of my...

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Best Practices for Moving on a Budget


Surprise – you can move on a budget, even if you spring for hiring a moving company. The key is planning ahead and being both flexible and organized. After running this gauntlet personally multiple times and sharing my tips with clients, I’m putting them all in one place. Read on for best practices for moving on a budget. Start Planning Early Whether...

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