2015 San Francisco Real Estate Market Review

The San Francisco Real Estate Market in 2015Illustrating the Year in 20+ Charts

A neighborhood map of San Francisco is included at the bottom of this report for your convenience.

Quarterly Median Price Chart & Monthly Median Price Chart & Sales by Price Range Chart

Despite anxiety about interest rates, stock markets, junk bonds, housing affordability and over-valued unicorns, the Q4 2015 San Francisco median house and condo sales...

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December 2015: San Francisco Real Estate Market Trends

Heading into the Holiday Slowdown After an Interesting Autumn Market

December 2015 update, including 11 custom charts

Median home prices, over-bidding, housing affordability, luxury home sales, the new-home construction pipeline, and comparing the Shanghai and S&P 500 stock indices

Median sales prices in October and November jumped back up to levels similar to the spring peak selling season. It’s important to remember that median prices are not a perfect reflection...

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November 2015: New Housing Construction in San Francisco

San Francisco New Home Construction UpdateNovember 2015

The SF Planning Department just released updated Q3 information regarding the new-housing development pipeline. San Francisco is in the midst of one of its biggest new-housing construction booms in history. (The same is occurring on the commercial development side, but this report won’t deal with that.) Indeed, it often seems that new projects of one kind or another are being announced...

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Let the Game of Chicken Begin!

We’ve seen more inventory since the fall selling season began than we have in several years in the city, with the excellent properties still moving at a record pace, and the just decent properties taking longer to sell.

What happens now to the fully respectable but possibly not excellent properties is a game of who will blink first– the buyers or the sellers. Will the sellers reduce their price, pull it from...

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November 2015 San Francisco Luxury Homes Market Cools

Luxury Home Segment Cools Down“Affordable” Homes Market Remains Competitive

A number of reasons may explain this: Firstly, the affluent are much more invested in the stock market than other groups, and the volatility of late August, early September may have encouraged more wealthy homeowners to sell (before things might possibly get worse), and more wealthy homebuyers to postpone buying until things clarified.As of very early November, the S&P 500 has...

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Haunted San Francisco

Before the City of San Francisco voted to stop burials within city limits in 1900, there were at least two dozen cemeteries in existence. While the non-Native deceased were exhumed and relocated to Colma in the following decades, there are plenty of the dead who’ve taken up permanent residence in San Francisco and made it one of the most haunted places in the country.

EscapeHere – 10 Most Haunted Cities in America:


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Gold Rush Real Estate: Then & Now

“There were reports of canteens charging a dollar for a slice of bread or two if it was buttered, the equivalent of $56. A dozen eggs might cost you $90 at today’s prices; a pick axe would be the equivalent of $1,500; a pound of coffee $1,200 and a pair of boots as much as $3,000…” – Smithsonian

In today’s economy — booming not with gold but with...

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Global Economies & the San Francisco Real Estate Market

Current events happening in different parts of world and in different markets are impacting our local economy here in San Francisco. Let’s take a look at some of the big ones: oil, Europe, China, United States and technology.

Oil is typically about $100 to $110 per barrel — that’s been pretty common for the past several years. In the past six months, it’s gone down to about $40 per barrel. That’s...

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October 2015 San Francisco Real Estate Report

Home-Buying vs. Gold & Apple Stock – as an Investment, Median Home Price Appreciation & Neighborhood Values& the City’s Most Expensive Condo BuildingsOctober 2015 Report, including 11 Custom Charts

A wide range of other reports pertinent to SF real estate values and trends can be found here: San Francisco Market Reports and San Francisco Neighborhood Values

Short-Term & Long-Term San Francisco Home Price Appreciation

2011 – 2015, by...

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San Francisco Market Overview: September 2015

September is historically the month San Francisco sees the greatest number of new listings come on the market, and this year it hasn’t disappointed! Since the 1st of the month, more than 800 single-family homes and condos have hit the market, blowing last year’s count out of the water. Further sweetening the situation for prospective home buyers, there are more condos for sale now than any time in the past...

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New Inventory: Relief For Home Buyers?

At last, the promised new inventory has arrived. While we generally see a spike in listings during one of our two selling seasons — spring and fall — the past several years have been dismal in terms of turning out new listings. Not so this year.

The question is: Will that translate into any relief for buyers?

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Think Long-Term: Best Performing San Francisco Real Estate Investments

This past week, 2470 Broadway in Pacific Heights came on the market in San Francisco with a $6,995,000 list price. Purchased by the current owner in 1976 for $176,000, this price represents a nearly 10% average annual appreciation. It’s a story not dissimilar to that of the former Alioto mansion at 2898 Vallejo, purchased in 1973 for $225,000 and sold in 2013 for $11,700,000. These long-term real estate holdings with appreciation rates well...

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3rd Annual San Francisco Building Boom

Friday, September 18th I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd Annual San Francisco Building Boom presented by the San Francisco Association of REALTORSⓇ, a panel discussion of the new residential building projects transforming our city. Please listen to the discussion here and enjoy!

Are you getting my monthly San Francisco newsletter? You can subscribe here.Meredith Martin is a Broker Associate at Paragon Real Estate Group and can be reached at 


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Triple-Digit Temps, Six-Figure Overbids

It’s heating up — and I’m not just talking about the triple-digit temperatures around the Bay Area!

More than 145 properties have come on the market in San Francisco in the past seven days, signaling what promises to be a heated post-Labor Day selling season for local real estate. September is historically the biggest month for new listings, and while some things change — year-over-year lower inventory, fewer average days...

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Let the Autumn Selling Season Begin!

September is almost always the month with the largest number of new home listings in San Francisco: The number of new listings hitting the market in September 2014 was 15% higher than the #2 month (May 2014) over the past 21 months. Because Labor Day is so late this year, September only has 3 weeks of selling days after the holiday weekend, and if this is a big listing month...

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Autumn 2015 Homes Market and Volatility

Against Backdrop of Market Volatility

September 2015 Report for San Francisco

Including 12 custom charts

We are neither blithe optimists, for whom boom times will never end, nor inveterate pessimists, who see bubbles and crashes behind every shrub. For what it’s worth, based on our survey of current economic fundamentals, we don’t expect an imminent crash in the U.S. stock market or in Bay Area real estate values...

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August 2015 - Special Report: Where to Buy at What Price

Where to Buy a Home in San Francisco for the Money You Want to Spend

August 2015 Special Report

A city neighborhood map is provided at the bottom of this analysis.

The charts below are based upon 2015 transactions reported to MLS by July 24, breaking out the neighborhoods with the most sales within given price points. However, other neighborhoods not listed did have smaller numbers of home sales within...

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