Property Taxes in Your City—And Which City Pays the Most


If you’re buying a home, property taxes have to be on your radar. Even once you’ve paid off your mortgage or never began with one, you’re on the hook for yearly property taxes and the rates vary greatly from state to state. But where do people pay the most? What do property taxes average in your city? Let’s get to it. What’s...

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California Wildfire Insurance Consumer Alert


In light of the ongoing wildfires ravaging California, I’m sharing an alert regarding property insurance policies. From the Alert On August 19, Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara issued a mandatory one-year moratorium beginning July 16, 2021, which prevents insurance companies from non-renewing or cancelling residential property insurance policies within the specified areas. This is in response to the governor’s emergency declaration on July...

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Interactive Lake Tahoe Home Price Map

Looking for median home sales price around Lake Tahoe? Bookmark this page and you’ll always be in the know! Quick note that this map reflects 2021 median home sales prices around Lake Tahoe through late July 2021. Median sales prices are generalities that fluctuate and can be affected by other factors besides changes in fair market value. They typically mask a wide range of prices in the underlying individual sales...

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The Little Slice of Hell House: A Lesson on Honesty in Real Estate


You probably read about the Colorado home that was listed as a “little slice of hell.” The real estate agent marketed this “investor special” as frankly as possibly in an effort to avoid any surprises for potential buyers. From candid photographs to blunt descriptions, she was painfully honest. It wasn’t the seller’s idea, but she trusted her agent. And it paid off—offers...

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