Zillow’s Home-Flipping Flop — What Happened and What It Means for the Market


The internet is all abuzz with the news of how Zillow got in way over its head in the home-flipping business. The company announced recently announced that it was permanently exiting home flipping and laying off a full quarter of its workforce. Here’s what happened and what it means for the housing market across the country. A Little Background Zillow has multiple...

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25 Real Estate Evaluation Fundamentals that Stand the Test of Time


When it comes to real estate, some things cycle in and out of fashion. In fact, when we’re talking cabinet color, floor plan style, carpet versus hardwood, and those sorts of considerations, changing tastes are to be expected. But look a little closer, and you’ll see that some things actually do stand the rest of time (and it ain’t carpet). Here are...

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The Real Estate Trade-Up Dilemma


Trading up from a smaller, less expensive home to a bigger, pricier home can be tough in a seller’s market. While selling for a 10% premium on your $500,000 is great—$50,000!—paying that same premium on the new $1 million property can be tough to swallow. Many simply can’t afford it, but what’s worse is that many only think they can’t afford it...

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The Real Problem with the Zestimate


Once upon a time, real estate agents sent mailers to homeowners with a headline that had some version of, “What’s your home worth?” It’s a pretty powerful question, because the answer is typically the information that a homeowner wants to know above all else—and only an agent could provide it. To further entice the homeowner, these mailers typically offered a free, no-strings-attached...

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The Intangible Value of a Real Estate Professional


No matter how astute you may be, the home-buying process is often a complicated tangle of nerves and emotions filled with expectations, compromise, negotiations, highs, and lows. After all, this is likely the largest investment in someone’s life, both emotionally and financially. Even investors have trouble separating emotion from business when it comes to real estate. That’s why you need an experienced...

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